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2014 Patio Season!

By Chris

Looks like we’ve gone from one of our coldest winters on record directly into summer, do not pass “go” do not collect $200… and that’s fine with us!

We had dinner last night on the patio at The Faded Rose and we can’t emphasize enough how absolutely dog friendly the folks there are. Roxanne loves their patio and the water they bring out for her; so did the cute basset hound who was sharing the place with us.

A few quick, but important, updates as we kick off 2014 Patio Season. Several restaurants have decided to no longer allow dogs on their patios. We’ve adjusted our map to reflect these policy changes. The affected restaurants are Big Orange (both locations), Local Lime, and Bravo! Cucina Italiano. If you are aware of any places on the list that have changed their policies (or that we’ve inadvertently left off), please let us know.

One comment on “2014 Patio Season!”

  1. Called two US pizza restaurants in Little Rock. One on Kavanaugh and the other Rodney Parham, both said they Do Not allow dogs on the patio.