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BREAKING NEWS: Arkansas Department of Health Enforcing Ban of Dogs on Patios

By Chris

exclamation-pointI was pointed by our reader, Jennifer B., to a post on U.S. Pizza’s Facebook wall this afternoon indicating that the Arkansas Department of Health is now forbidding them from permitting dogs on their patios because it’s deemed “a health department violation.” Have a look. This enforcement is about to impact dozens of local restaurants and hotels, with an even bigger blow to central Arkansas as a tourist destination.

We’d like for you to join forces with us at Dog Friendly Little Rock in a social and traditional media campaign to change this antiquated and baseless rule. Houston, L.A., and Santa Barbara have recently changed their health department regulations;¬†Little Rock needs to lead the pack here in Arkansas. We’ve dined on many of our favorite restaurant patios with Roxanne, and would love the support.

In the next few days, we’ll be creating a petition, a press release for local media, a Twitter hashtag and pre-written tweets, among other mechanisms to help foster change. So, watch this space, as well as our Facebook page for further updates.


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