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Your opinion, please

By Chris

I was just pointed to this Slate article focused on dogs in public places that came out on May 9th and I’d like my readers’ opinions in the comments section. So as not to skew the results, I’ll withhold my own for the moment. I’ve received several insightful comments on our Facebook page, too. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say. So have at it!

3 comments on “Your opinion, please”

  1. I have 2 REALLY large dogs who are part of my family. However, I do not impose them on other people, other than my vet’s office and someone who wants to pet them when we are out walking. If owners want to take their dogs with them, the dog needs to have at the least basic obedience training and manners. A dog barking through the window at people is unacceptable as is running around loose. If you cannot put them in a “down/stay” position and expect them to stay down until released, leave them at home. As always, it’s the owner, not the dog. The people who own the facility bear some responsibility as well. If they insist that the dog be controlled and lose the customer they probably haven’t lost much.

  2. To a certain degree I understand. I love dogs and I have one, a small one. I would be scared of a big dog that I am unfamiliar with. Especially if it was walking freely. I embrace the fact that we are a society that is now accepting of our pets and are allowing them to come into public places, but we need to keep them on a leash so that they won’t harm people or people in fear won’t harm them. I never thought that my 14lb Latese would bite anybody he’s the sweetest little dog but…he bit the man the was cuttig down our tree when he came in our house to talk to me.

    1. Kauwyana, I think that’s where we, as responsible pet owners have a duty when we take our pups to public areas. Roxanne is ALWAYS on a leash when we’re on a patio and she’s never permitted to wander about or visit the tables of other diners (much like when my daughter was a toddler, minus the leash!) She lies under the table at our feet, and if someone comes up to chat she will usually stand up to be petted.

      Every single time we’ve been out people ask if it’s okay to pet her, which is great. But… When multiple people come up and start petting her, especially on top of her head, she gets a little nervous and tries to hide behind me or Mike. In my opinion, that’s when we have a great opportunity to educate those folks about the proper way to approach and pet a dog.

      We’re working on a sticker system for restaurants so people can look at the door/window and immediately know if dogs are permitted on the patio so they can make the decision as to whether they want to dine there or not. I think that will help.